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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to USA?
We ship worldwide and we use Canada Post for all our shipments.
Do you ship meat products?
We do not ship any meat products.
Do you take reservations?
Due to the limited size of our dining area and high demand, we do no take reservations.
Can I pick up my order at the store?
Please contact us by telephone to arrange a pick up: (514) 842-4813
Can I freeze your smoked meat?
Of course you can freeze our briskets. Please make sure that the shrink-wrapping is still secure and then you can safely freeze the product for up to 6 months. Just like any other piece of meat, you want to be sure the seal is air-tight in order to avoid freezer burn.
Does your food contain eggs?
Although our food does not contain any eggs, our spices, bread and many other products are produced in factories outside the restaurant. While the foods do not contain any eggs, there are eggs present in other parts of said factories. These factories take every precaution to avoid cross-contamination, but we could never be 100% certain.
Is your food gluten free?
Our food is in fact gluten-free, with the exception of our rye bread and our gravy used with our poutine orders. Although our food is gluten-free, we recommend to exercise caution as some items, such as our spices used in the marinating process, are produced in factories where gluten is present. While every precaution is taken to avoid cross-contamination, we could never be absolutely certain there would be no traces of gluten.
Is your food nut free?
We do not use any nuts or nut by-products in the preparation of our smoked meat. However, the marinade is prepared off-site in a separate warehouse where nuts are present. While every precaution is taken to avoid cross-contamination, we could never be 100% certain. Therefore, depending upon the severity of theallergy, we recommend to exercise caution. The same situation exists with our rye bread. The bread is baked fresh daily in a bakery off-site. While nuts and nut by-products are not used in the preparation of our rye bread, there are nuts present in the bakery. Again, while every precaution is taken to avoid cross-contamination, one must exercise caution if one's allergies are severe!
Is your food Kosher certified?
Our food is not Kosher.